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     Hedahls Auto Parts PB&E Trade Show and Training Seminar was a huge success and enjoyed by all who attended. We had rave reviews from customers and factory reps. The first day our featured speaker was a nationally renowned Hub "Dr. Gun" Forsgren, who has been compared to the Billy Graham of PB&E. We had nearly 100 customers and students attend his six-hour seminar. He covered things like new spray techniques, especially how they relate to new products, and then common problems that can be cured by a properly adjusted spray gun. He also explained the importance of clean air and how to achieve it, as well as how spray technology complements new paint technology

     After the Dr. Gun show, everyone went to the Radisson Inn and went around to 36 booths of every PB&E product you could think of, and many of the booths were conducting mini seminars and clinics on new products and tools. We had great attendance from our PB&E manufacturers. They were all very pleased with the show that seemed to offer something for everyone. BSC Vo-Tech instructor Rich Malsam gave each of his students the assignment to prepare a written report of one of the booths.

     The show was highlighted by two clinics on windshield installation. The clinician, sent to us by 3M, explained how the structural strength of a vehicle depends on proper windshield installation. In fact he had only recently appeared as an expert witness on the television magazine, 20-20, testifying in a case where accident injuries were alleged to have been more severe than necessary because of the failure of the windshield installation. It gave our customers-along with the BSC students who may become our future customers-a wonderful opportunity to review proper installation. technique and product usage.

     With customers from Wolf Point, MT to Aberdeen, SD to Detroit Lakes, MN and all points in between, the event was a great success. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible. You have a lot to be proud of with this one. If you have comments or suggestions for future shows, please send them to Dick Joritz at the Bismarck store or Hilary Wald at Headquarters. They welcome your feedback.

2000 PB&E Seminar:

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